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Shipping Reform

Dry bulk users of Australian coastal shipping face higher costs under the changes made to the Coastal Trading Bill 2012. 

The CIF, on behalf of an alliance of shipping users, commissioned Deloitte Access Economics to undertake an economic impact assessment of the Bill.


Economic impacts of the proposed Shipping Reform Package

This report was commissioned by the CIF on behalf of an alliance of shipping users.


Media Release - Coastal Trading Bill 2012 to cost economy millions

Proposed shipping changes could cost the Australian economy in excess of $466 million over the next decade, increase freight rates by up to 16% and create peak job losses of 570 full time equivalents, a Deloitte Access Economics study has revealed.


Media Release - Australia's proposed shipping 'reform' must address competitiveness of shipping users

The Coastal Trading Bill 2012 being introduced into the Parliament tomorrow must address the competitiveness and needs of consumers of shipping services if it is to be called a reform, said Ms Margie Thomson, a spokesperson for Australian dry bulk shipping users.